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Some of the Technical Things You Need to Know to be a Freelance Writer

Most people who want to become a freelance writer in technical writing or medical writing  have a background or training in medicine or the sciences, at various levels. That provides a good background for you.  You know about and enjoy research, have some familiarity with scientific and medical terminology, and understand the discipline of scientific inquiry.

The more experience you have, the better, as this gives you more credibility as you turn to writing.

You are interested in becoming a freelancer for a number of reasons:
a. You are thinking of a career change
b. You want to supplement your income with writing
c. You like the idea of  working as a freelancer and growing your own business
d. You are passionate about sharing knowledge with others
e. You express yourself well and clearly through writing

Which of these sound right for you?

How to Become a Freelance Writer in Three Beginning Steps

First, you need to learn the tricks and protocols of the trade.  Each of our Courses offers you the know-how, terminology, and process for getting in to YOUR type of medical writing.  Getting trained jumpstarts your knowledge.  Get trained!

Second, every beginning writer says, “I can’t get a job because I don’t have experience.  How can I get experience when I can’t get a job?”  Every writer faces this situation when starting out, and the serious ones get through it.  You can too.

You need to build your portfolio of writing.  Many writers pick their own topics and research and write about them to show what they can do.  When a recruiter, employer, or client asks to see a sample of your writing, you have samples to send along.

Also with samples, you can share them with other writers to get constructive feedback about your work.

Third, you typically start writing at a lower hourly rate than you wish.  You’ll get more in the future, no worries.  You just have to build your portfolio and your client list, and your online presence to command higher rates for your writing.

Be patient, stick with it, do the kind of work you enjoy.  That’s the formula for success.