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How Medical Writing Network can Help YOU

  • The US Centers for Disease Control has benefited from our content since 2011.  You can too.
  • In one hour or less, your writers learn valuable information, plus receive downloadable slide decks and session notes.
  • We can set up live replays or recordings for your organization, so groups can learn and ask questions together.
  • We have experience working with multi-national writers and can assist with Medical Writing in English.
  • Name your favorite topics.  We’ll create and deliver the presentations.
  • Let’s create a new concept together.

Reduced Rates for your Members:
$6.95 per seminar, or
$20.95 /month for All Access Subscription, or
Bulk rate negotiated paid by your for your members

You save 30% as an Organization!


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Author AID is a valuable resource for medical researchers and writers in developing nations.


AuthorAID is a global network that provides support, mentoring, resources and training for researchers in developing countries. The AuthorAID community includes over 10,000 researchers from around the world. If you are looking for help, want to share your expertise or are searching for someone to work with, then the AuthorAID community can help!  www.authoraid.info