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The Types of Technical Writing and Medical Writing
in which you can Learn and Earn.**

  • clinical research
  • consumer health writing
  • grant writing
  • how to cover medical meetings
  • medical communications
  • poster presentation styles
  • regulatory compliance training
  • science journalism
  • scientific editing
  • scientific posters design
  • scientific writing
  • technical writing
  • writing abstracts
  • writing fact sheets

**We have hour long seminars on all these topics when you become a Member.

Recommendations for How to Be a Freelance Writer or get Technical Writing Jobs

First, start with a direction that pleases you most – whether it be consumer health writing, scientific journal writing, or CME writing. Don’t go for what you think is the highest paying.  The most important thing is to be inspired by your work. Otherwise you lose interest. We’ve seen many medical writers give up their careers because they were focused on money and not the type of writing that “turns them on.”  You need to be motivated.

Second, become an expert in your type of writing.  Noone wants generalists, who can write anything.  They want to hire people with experience and knowledge.  You can specialize in a few types of writing.  That’s OK.  But promote your specialty based on your audience.  Doctors and scientists specialize.  You need to specialize too.

Third, join networking groups for medical writers.  That’s what we have for you in our public Facebook page, our private Facebook Medical Writing Secrets page when you join here as a Member, and our NEW LinkedIn Group for Members. Build your online profile so that recruiters and clients can find you.  Get active in your group, making friends and posting comments, so people get to know who you are.  Posting in social groups can help to raise your visibility too. LinkedIn groups also have job postings, so you can see what’s out there.


Interview with Dr. Helen Baldwin, PhD, Director, SciNopsis, describing medical writing