In our last post, we talked about the Five Ingredients Workhorse Websites need to stay healthy:

1) Measurement
2) Pain
3) Offer and Opt-In
4) Automated Follow-Up and
5) Online Marketing Campaign.

The first three ingredients, measurement, offer and opt-in, and automated follow-up, are easier for website owners because they are more mechanical. Do them and they are done, for the most part.

The two ingredients that give website owners, medical writers, and medical writing businesses the most trouble in the care and feeding of Workhorse Websites are:

4) Pain and
5) the Online Marketing Campaign

These two admittedly take more work, time, expertise, and consistency. They are not what you would call “Set and Forget,” which we know is what most website owners would prefer to do, so they can focus on their medical writing specialties.

And we don’t blame them. Your business is your specialty that is worthy of focus.

In raising a Workhorse Website, sometimes it takes a village.


You’ll recall that “Pain” on your Workhorse Website is your written, audio, and video response to the market segment you are trying to attract.

You have to demonstrate that you understand the Pain of your audience, that you can express it for them so they say “Yeah! You get it.” Further, your visitors need to know that you have a solution to their Pain. That you can take them out of their Pain and take them to their Pleasure. To their new life without the Pain.

You know the example of the person who walks into the hardware store to buy a drill. That person doesn’t really want a drill. They want a hole.

If you as the website owner tout the features of all your drills, you’re not addressing the problem. Focus rather on the types of holes and widths of holes the client needs, and then show him or her the drill that will work.

Most writer websites we see focus on the drill… what
you do, or what technology you have, or what training or expertise you have.

Rarely on writer websites do we see what your client really wants, which is relief from his or her problem. Focus on the problem and focus on the relief. The before and the after.

So, where do you find expression of this pain and relief so you can use it on your website?

Try this for yourself:

Go to Google.
Type in the problem people have that you address.
You’ll see listings. Read a few and take notes.
In the left column, under Everything, click More.
You’ll see Blogs, Discussions, Real time.
Click, read, take notes.
This is Google telling you what the world is talking about…. today. It may be different tomorrow, so you have to keep going back to stay current.

You now have access to the Pain.

This is what you need to be talking about, showing your understanding for, offering solutions for, on your website, in your blog, in articles, on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube, etc.

The care and feeding of your Workhorse Website needs this updated ingredient of your being current on what everyone’s talking about, and lending your voice to the discussion.

In our next email, we’ll talk about your Online Marketing Campaign, which is another topic about care and feeding of your Workhorse Website.


Any questions or comments, please email us. We are here to help!

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