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We are a membership website where medical writers and technical writers:

– Build skills in writing and marketing
– Improve incomes through job hunt preparation and business building
– Share with each other from around the world
– Guided by experts in writing, recruiting, and business building

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1-Hour Seminars Package

30 hours of writing seminars in 7 categories of techniques, business and career building.  Plus membership in our private Facebook group “Medical Writing Secrets” a closed group of Medical Writers who support each other with helpful posts, suggestions, and education about medical communications and medical writing.

$ 29.95/month



Group Coaching

Become a member of Group Coaching, and enjoy our live (or recorded) sessions two times each month.  We’ll focus on how to build your business or career.  Topics like how to get found online, or build your online presence so people can find you.  We’ll have guest experts and successful writers join us for added perspective.  These sessions will be a lot of fun, very engaging, and informative.

$ 39.95/month

Medical Writing Network Group Coaching

Certificate of Completion

Show the world what you’ve learned.  Order a customized Certificate of Completion for each 1-Hour Seminar you complete, sent to you by email.  You can print and post on your wall, or include in your job interview or business profile.

$ 9.95 each

Certificate of Completion

Private Consult 1-on-1

Feeling stuck in your business or career?  You have a lot of ideas, but you are not sure what to do next?  We have both the business experience and the corporate experience to guide your thinking into actionable items to get unstuck.

We evaluate information from you, and then spend a solid hour with you to get you going in a productive direction.  People have found that hour invaluable.  Read our Testimonials when you click.

$297.00 each

Medical Writing Network Private Consult Package


Any time you need it, we’re just a web form away and here to help you or answer your questions.


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