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Welcome to the Medical Writing Network

JOIN a membership website for medical writers
and technical writers:

  • We train the US Centers for Disease Control since 2011
  • Build skills in writing and marketing
  • Improve incomes through job hunt preparation and business building
  • Share with each other from around the world
  • Guided by experts in writing, recruiting, and business building

Learn skills in 1-hour online webinars
taught by experts, 24 x 7

  • Available worldwide
  • Professionals from 30 countries have been trained
  • Individual seminars only $9.95 each
  • All Seminar Access Monthly at $29.95
  • Group and Association rates available

Our History, Expertise, Credibility

  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control training (2011 – present) – one-hour webinars online
  • Medicalwritingtraining.com (2010 – 2017) – online 30-120 days courses
  • Medicalwritingfestival.com (2010 – 2015) – hour-long webinars on medical writing
  • Medicalwritingnetwork.com launched 2016; updated 2019


We Work with Associations and Journals, too!

  • Get your writers trained easily and affordably.
  • Association and Journal Members save 20% on pricing.
  • Bulk monthly payments arranged for all Members.
  • Tell us what training you need.  We find the experts.
  • We work with and guide non-native English speakers.
  • International experience!

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