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Do You Have a Workhorse Website – Part 3

In our last two posts, we talked about the Five Ingredients Workhorse Websites need to stay healthy:

1) Measurement
2) Pain
3) Offer and Opt-In
4) Automated Follow-Up and
5) Online Marketing Campaign.

Today we’re going to finish with more in-depth information on

5) the Online Marketing Campaign

The Online Marketing Campaign is what makes your website RUN.
Or more accurately, it’s what makes your target audiences find and run to your website. This is about Website Traffic.

This is a broad topic I can’t cover all here, but let me share with you a summary, and then we can learn more together later on.

The Online Marketing Campaign is what gets traffic to your website.
If you don’t have a campaign going on, it’s as if your workhorse is standing alone in its stall. Our objective is to make this baby RUN and even win recognition.

The Plan
A marketing campaign begins with a plan.
You have to identify your target audience(s).
You attract your target audiences by finding out what keywords they are putting in to “Search” to find answers to their problems.
You develop your keyword list – which are words you make sure you put in your content so that when you audience is searching for those terms, your content shows up.
You identify which social networks you are going to publish your content on – Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube, etc
You develop a blogging schedule – how often are you going to blog, on what topics.
You develop a content schedule for new pages on the website, videos, tip sheets, press releases, etc.

You focus your content on the intersection between your expertise and your audience’s interests.
This intersection is where the magic happens.  This intersection is what brings you traffic.

Execution of the Plan
You create your website using the most popular keywords as the Titles of your Content pages and website structure.
You write or acquire your content – pages, blogs, images, tip sheets, videos, etc.
You release your content or references to it in timed sequence across the various social media you have chosen.  Daily, weekly, every other week, monthly, etc.

(For many of our projects we post social media once a day, blogs once a week, videos every two weeks, press releases every 1-2 months.
For our examples check out:,,

These tasks are like feeding your horse, grooming your horse, riding your horse, letting it out for a run.Workhorse3
It’s a regular schedule of caring about your audience – inviting them to come to your website, getting them to rely on your publishing schedule.

You measure your traffic and visitor behavior. (Google Analytics is fantastic for this.)
How many visitors are you getting?
How long do they stay on the website?
What pages are they visiting?
What keywords are drawing them?
How many (what %) are opting in for your free offers?

And periodically, perhaps quarterly, or at the half year, you evaluate your performance, and make adjustments to your keywords, content, pages, social media focus.
This is an iterative process.
It’s a process that involves perseverance and patience.
You are motivated by a) the quality of your content, and b) how people are attracted to and consuming it.
It’s like fishing….. your aim is to throw your line into a large lake with the right bait, so that fish bite on your line among all the others.

This process is never a failure.  It’s an effort from which you learn and improve, or a pattern of success you can enjoy for a long period of time.

We’re here to help.  Let us know how.


Our website is for training…. to help YOU do what we know and what we’ve learned.
We are expert at this entire process.  If you need a consult, or Done-For-You solutions, get in touch.
Any questions or comments, please email us. We are here to help!

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