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5 Quick Tips to Getting Medical Writing Published

Do you want to get published?
Here are five quick tips to get you started.
Each point is pretty simple, but we’re going to ask you to STOP for a moment and think about each one.

When writers want to publish, they often start with thinking about what they do, what they know, what they have to offer, how they are experts in their area and have something to write.

Wrong… 🙂

Reverse this tendency for a few moments. So that you can be successful.

Your first best step is to do homework and research on what magazines, periodicals, societies already publish in your area of interest or specialty.

STOP – What publications can you find out about and look at.

Identify those who are most likely to take content from you based on what they already publish. Go WITH the flow of these publications.

STOP – Where is your match with the publications that interest you?

Read the last 4-5 issues and see what the magazines are focusing on.

STOP – Take some time to read. This is your research which will help shape your approach.

Get the contact information and editorial guidelines for the relevant publications. Make a list for yourself, so that you can get in touch with them.

STOP – Have you made your list of people to get in contact with? Names, phones, email addresses.

After doing your research, make contact with the publication to discuss what you have to offer in the way of writing based on what THEY want or what direction THEY are going in. Forget what you are researching. You have to go in THEIR direction.

STOP – Make contact with your list. Take notes on what you’ve learned from each one.

With careful research, you will hopefully choose publications in areas that are a good match for you and are interested in what YOU are already researching and writing. If there is no match, you have to find another publication, or you have to change what you are doing to make a good match.

Publication is about what your audience wants, and finding a match between your audience and you. No match, no work. Focus on your match.

Concerns you might have….

“I don’t want to do this.  I work so hard at what I do. Why do I have to go these extra steps?”

As we’ve said, this IS about making matches and building relationships. You have to become “other” oriented. It really isn’t about you.
When it’s more about them, it benefits you.
You both get what you want.

This is the business side.

“But I’m just a medical writer.”

We totally support that. So hire someone who can be your business manager or agent, who will tell you what’s going on.

If you can’t afford that, you have to be your own manager or agent.
You can do it. Get some success under your belt. Then hire.
It beats sitting home alone and unpublished.

“This is a lot of work I don’t have time for.”

You are absolutely right. It is work, and you don’t have time.
We recommend:

Breaking each part into steps and doing one at a time. Once the work is done, you’ll know so much more and be more focused.

Shove the work in. We don’t have time for many things in our lives. Sometimes it is just impossible to make time for something. So….
you shove it in.

(You can catch anything that falls, or glue anything that brakes.)

Any questions or comments, please email us. We are here to help!

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