What is Medical Writing

As a Medical Writer, What Do YOU Have to Say?

1. What do YOU have to say?

You are a medical writer. You know how to put ideas and concepts into words for other people. Can you do it for yourself, to promote your career or your business to others?

You’ve got all the skills and training to write. Most other people would LOVE to have the skills you have. Are you able to use your writing talent to promote yourself, or are your skills going to waste?

In the U.S., we have a saying that “the shoemaker’s children have no shoes.”
In other words, the shoemaker spends so much time making shoes for other people that his or her own children are going without shoes.

Is this you when it comes to looking for work or building your business?

2. Find something to say….

We are in the age of social media and the internet. Almost everything can be available online. Your picture, your profile, your CV or resume, everything you’ve written for someone else.

Think about writing for yourself. Why?
So that people can get to know you. So that people can get to trust you. Everyone likes doing business with people they know and like and trust.
So… don’t be a stranger.

Everything that you write, that includes your name, your email address, your website, can be FOUND by someone who is searching for your topic.

When they find you, you become a known quantity, and that person may choose to follow you or look you up again.

This person could be your future client, employer, recruiter, business collaborator.

The more you get published, the more you get known.

Where should I write about myself?

  • Just about any place you can find on the internet.
  • We like LinkedIN the best. Start a discussion, or post an article. Post an opinion.
  • Make comments on your medical writing Association website. Chime in to the conversation.
  • Post an article on any number of article publishing websites.
  • Post tweets to a Twitter account.
  • Post your ideas on Facebook.
  • Post your thoughts on LinkedIn.
  • Create a blog for yourself. If you have a website, do it there.
  • The places you can post are endless.

3. What should I say, and when?

We make a list of topics for ourselves. When we have an idea, we write just a few words somewhere. We find something that interests us, or we come up with an idea that furthers our business, our specialty.

Because we are focused on building our business, our ideas are focused too, and we think about our business a lot.

Find your focus. What areas interest you? What expertise do you want to be known for?

Write down ideas as they come to you. Everyday. Make it a habit.

Write something about your ideas a couple of times a week.

Post your ideas somewhere a couple of times a week.

When you are starting out, you’ll draw a blank.
Once you get going, however, you will be amazed at how the ideas just keep coming. You’ve “turned on” that part of yourself.
You will also be surprised at what an expert you are, because you think of things deeply in particular subjects, and often. Your devotion of time and thought helps make you an expert. What you know will dwarf what others know on the same topic.

4. Summary

We’ve covered the follow topics, very quickly.

Who: You
What: Topics that interest you and that you think about
Where: On the forums you choose on the internet. They are endless
When: A few times a week. If you did 3/week, that would be 150+/year!
Why: To get known. To get found. To be trusted.
Start now. Make a habit.
Write us an email and than us.

5. Feedback

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Any questions or comments, please email us. We are here to help!

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